Smoke Control Areas

Westfire Stoves

Westfire Two StoveWestfire two

The Westfire Two is an efficient multifuel stove which is Defra Exempt. At 7kW the Two is suited to the medium sized / larger room.

Westfire 32 StoveWestfire 32

The 6kW Westfire 32 stove has an excellent wide view of the flames and is available as a freestanding or inset version.

Westfire 28 StoveWestfire 28

A very tall stove, the Westfire 28 has the same wide glass window that the 26 does. The Westfire 28 is a completely round stove.

Westfire 27 stoveWestfire 27

The Westfire 27 stove has the same very wide window as the 26 plus a convection top which makes it that little bit taller.

Westfire 26 stoveWestfire 26

The Westfire 26 is perhaps my favourite Westfire stove featuring one of the widest curved windows around.

Westfire 21 stove

The Westfire 21 is a relatively short 5kW contemporary stove which is also available as a pedestal version.

Westfire 20 Stove

This is a very tall contemporary stove with a 5kw nominal heat output. The Westfire 20 has a large curved window and can be used for woodburning in smoke control areas.

Westfire 19 Stove

The Westfire 19 is an upright angular stove with a gently curved front. Defra Exempt for use in smoke control areas the Westfire 19 has a nominal heat output of 5kW.

Westfire 16 Stoveroomset

The Westfire 16 is a tall contemporary 5kW woodburning stove, very similar to the 15 but it has additional narrow side windows each side of the door giving a wider view of the flames.

Westfire 15 Stove

Tall, cylindrical and Danish, the Westfire 15 is a 5kW woodburning stove with a large curved window. Elegant and simple the 15 is also a reliable stove designed for frequent use.

Westfire One Stove

Designed for the UK the Westfire One has a traditional, yet up to date look. The Westfire One is Defra Exempt and can be connected to an external air duct.