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Dunsley Yorkshire Boiler Stove


The Dunsley Yorkshire was ahead of its time. It is one of the first stoves I know of to separate the combustion process from the extraction of the heat. This is the key to why, for many years, the Dunsley Yorkshire was the only boiler stove which was Defra Exempt for use in smoke control areas.

By completing the combustion of the fuel first without extracting heat to water the heat is maintained and therefore burning efficiency and effectiveness. The flue gases in the Yorkshire boiler stove are drawn down and to the back of the stove where they run up through a gap at the back of the stove next to the boiler. The heat is passed to the water here and this is the key to why the Yorkshire works so well.

With a heat output of 9.1kW to water the Yorkshire is suited to running around 4-6 radiators, this depends of course on the size of your radiators.

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