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DEFRA Exempt Stoves

Here is a list of all the manufacturers of DEFRA Exempt stoves featured on SmokeControlAreas. You can click through to view the stoves or, to narrow the selection, just click on the appropriate type of DEFRA Exempt stoves in the menu to the left.

Aarrow Stovesroomset

Aarrow are a UK stove manufacturer based in Dorset and have been making stoves for over twenty years. Aarrow design and make a wide range of stoves, mainly in a traditional style although some of the more recent models have a more modern style.

ACR Stovesroomset

ACR are based near Birmingham and mainly import stoves but here we have the fruits of their successful venture into stove manufacturing. Many of the stoves ACR import are Defra Exempt and so it is no surprise that their own make of stove is too.

Charnwood StovesCharnwood stoves

Charnwood is a well known UK stove manufacturer based on the Isle of Wight. Charnwood make a range of traditionally styled stoves the smallest one of which, the Country 4 stove, is Defra Exempt.

Dovre Stovesroomset

Dovre stoves are based in Norway and produce well put together cast iron stoves that are made to last. The style of Dovre stoves is traditional yet fairly minimal, without some of the fussy detailing that some traditional stoves can have.

Dunsley Stovesdunsley yorkshire Stove

Dunsley are a UK stove manufacturer based in Yorkshire who manufacturer traditional stoves and one of the few Defra Exempt boiler stoves. Dunsley stoves are made to last and they have some innovative solutions which make them work well.

Esse Stovesroomset

Esse are the longest running stove manufacturers in the UK and have been making stoves since 1854. Esse produce a range of largely traditional stoves with classical, yet minimal, styling.

Franco Belge Stovesroomset

Franco Belge is a French stove manufacturer that specialise in traditional cast iron stoves. There are several Defra Exempt Franco Belge stoves to choose from, including the Savoy Elegance, one the higher output Defra Exempt stoves available.

Stovax Stovesroomset

Based in Devon Stovax are a UK importer and manufacturer of stoves. There have several of their own-made Stockton stoves which are Defra Exempt, as well as some other inset models to choose from.

Tiger and Firefox Stovesroomset

Tiger and Firefox stoves are well made cast iron stoves and represent exceptionally good value. There are several Firefox and Tiger Defra Exempt stoves to choose from.

Westfire Stovesroomset

Westfire is a Danish manufacturer of contemporary stoves, mainly tall and cylindrical, although they have started producing some more traditional stoves, with a Danish twist, just for the UK.