Smoke Control Areas

Wood burning stoves for smoke control areas

If you live in or near a city in the UK then the chances are that you are in or near a smoke control area.

This means that the burning of non smokeless fuels is not allowed unless they are burnt on an approved appliance. Smoke control areas are a good idea - they have greatly improved the air quality in the UK's cities and reduced deaths from respiratory problems.

You need a DEFRA Exempt stove in a smokeless zone

You can burn seasoned wood on a DEFRA Exempt stove within a smoke control area. These stoves have been through specific lab tests and meet minimum requirements. DEFRA Exempt stoves are highly efficient and tend to have a small continuous air supply, even when turned right down. Turning a stove right down to slumber burn produces smoke so this is something which needs to be avoided in built up areas.

Do I live in a smoke control area?

To find out if you live in a smoke control area simply visit the UK Smoke Control Areas website